About us

The Reacting Flow Laboratory at UVA is home to the research groups of Dr. Harsha Chelliah and Dr. Chloe Dedic and collaborates closely with the UVA Aerospace Research Laboratory.

Our research interests are centered around the theoretical and experimental investigation of reacting flow environments including combustion, nonequilibrium systems, and clean energy generation and utilization. We are interested in improving our fundamental understanding of reacting systems, such as studying the interaction between fluid dynamics and finite-rate chemistry in high-speed flows. In order to experimentally investigate these systems, we are constantly developing new and improving existing laser-based measurement techniques.

Some of our current research projects include fuel coking in gas turbine engines and hypersonic engines, exploring new catalysts to mitigate coke formation, understanding soot formation mechanisms at high pressure, fundamentals of flame stabilization mechanisms in high-speed flows using recirculation regions, modeling chemical vapor infiltration process in SiC synthesis, and developing a nonlinear spectroscopy system to measure multiple parameters (temperature, pressure, species) simultaneously.


Research focused on reacting systems, combustion, propulsion, high-speed flow, and laser-based imaging and spectroscopy techniques.


Located next to the Aerospace Research Laboratory on Observatory Hill.


Affiliated with the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the University of Virginia.

Reacting Flow Laboratory, 570 Edgemont Rd, Charlottesville, VA 22932